Hotel Excelsior - Regione Veneto/Veneto Film CommissiON
h 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Meta-morphosis: how entertainment is changing (from animation to VR content)

A conversation that explores how emerging technologies are transforming the entertainment industry. From animation that pushes the boundaries of imagination to create even more immersive and realistic experiences, to immersive content that transports us into entirely new realities, to the powerful force that is artificial intelligence, this discussion will explore how audiences experience content like never before. 


Guido Meardi, CEO V-Nova, Elisabetta Rotolo, CEO, Creative-Executive Producer MIAT Multiverse Institute for Arts and Technology; Giorgio Scorza, CEO and Creative Director of Movimenti Production


Valentina Martelli, Founder and CEO Good Girls Planet

Hotel Excelsior - Italian Pavilion
h 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Opening Boundaries: the evolution of the italian landscape form storytelling to international distribution.
Some of the brightest professionals in the Italian film and television industry will explore how storytelling has evolved in the context of international distribution. They will share their experiences and thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of bringing Italian stories beyond national borders, creating a global dialogue, breaking cultural barriers, and enchanting the international audience with a rich heritage of unique narratives.


Maria Pia Ammirati, Head of Drama Rai Fiction; Eleonora Andreatta, Vice President Italian Content, Netflix; Nicola Borrelli, General Manager- Direzione Generale Cinema e Audiovisivo, MIC; Nicola Maccanico, CEO Cinecittà S.p.A.; Luca Milano, Director Rai Kids; Maria Grazia Saccà, CEO Titanus Production, Andrea Scrosati, COO Fremantle Group, CEO, Continental Europe Fremantle, Roberto Stabile, Head of special projects DGCA MIC at Cinecittà


Valentina Martelli, Founder and CEO Good Girls Planet e Cristina Scognamillo Founder Good Girls Planet.

ITTV Award Hand…the Winner is: to Eleonora Andreatta -Vice President Italian Content, Netflix