In 2022 ITTV will launch another special project: “TECH IN ENTERTAINMENT – Technology Applied to Entertainment”.

Today, more than ever, entertainment is turning to innovative new technologies through hardware, software, and content. The goal of TIE is to become a hub for recruitment, creative and business partnerships, and to connect emerging startups with established tech and industry players based both in the US and internationally. We consider this an essential component for the growth of this forum.

Topics to be covered at TIE’s panels, networking, pitch meetings and events include digital distribution, special effects, the world of the Metaverse, NFTs, blockchain and animation.

The goal is a continuous and fruitful cultural and professional exchange in an industry that is constantly growing and morphing.

The first edition of TIE will focus on new and independent distributions, AvOD platforms as well as the still uncharted territory of Metaverse.