ITTV Festival has chosen to award, every year,  talents and creative contents that made the difference with international audience and insiders. The award winner will be voted by the Board of Avdisors of the Festival. 

In creating its award ITTV Festival has chosen to collaborate with the well-known Italian artist Fidia Falaschetti. For ITTV Fidia has created “HAND…THE WINNER IS” inspired by his neo-pop piece ‘YOU HAND ME’. 

The piece for the ITTV festival has been slightly changed and down-scaled from the original one, adding a remote controller on the top hand, symbol of free of choicethat the viewer has nowadays, toward the new dimension of the on demand television: we choose what to watch, when, and where since we are watching TV at home or even on our hand able smartphones. I believe that hands are a super charming and expressive portion of the human body: we use hands to discover things, to choose, pick, point, hold, secure and most of all (as Italians) to express our feelings. On this piece, eventually, a top hand is going to press play, and make the action happen!

As evidently noticeable, I used cartoonish gloves hands, as I frequently do on my body of work. Thats because our modern society grew up with cartoons characters as reassuring modern icons, and the gloves are a perfect symbol of those characters. Also, cartoons gloves looks neat, clean, smooth, and that gives a sense of quite and peace to the viewer, in order to contrast and positively approach the tough times were living in

The sculpture itself, is a sort of pyramids of those gloves in different shapes and expressions: Like a deus ex machina, the final decision is taken by the top hand, to make it happen or not, to win or lose, to play our dreams.

Fidia even played with the title of the piece of art: In line with my words plays I liked to tease the iconic phrase used to declare the winner at the Academy award: an His added to the word AND, and the result is a funny but evocative title”.