The independent animation studios Cinesite is partnering with director Cinzia Angelini, to complete production on her CG animated short MILA, presented at the launch of ITTV Forum&Festival, last September. After eight years of commitment, passion and determination from 350 artists volunteering from 35 countries, MILA will enter its final stages of production with the support of artists based at Cinesite’s Vancouver studio.

MILA is a CG animated short about a little girl whose life takes an unexpected turn during WWII. It’s rare that animation takes on serious, complex matters such as war, however, Cinzia and Cinesite believe animation is the perfect medium to tell this story set in Cinzia’s hometown, Trento (Italy). MILA is the story of a girl and two women during Trento’s bombing in 1943.  Speaking about Cinesite’s support for her short Cinzia said “I believe that a strong theme like the one portrayed in Mila, inspired by true stories and told through the powerful magic of animation, can move people and influence our future generations like nothing else can. The fact that a major studio like Cinesite shares this belief and is willing to help me bring it to the big screen is fantastic.”

MILA is now in production at Cinesite’s Vancouver studios.